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Check in here regularly to take a look at our current offerings - we're always working on something new.



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This brewing method allows us to explore distinct coffees, per cup, in a discerning way. By altering grind and dose, we can influence the character of each coffee; creating a cup that we know you'll appreciate.

We're currently working with Gracenote Coffee to bring a high quality beverage to your table. Each bean comes with its own narrative - its origin, variety, process, and approach to roasting. Ask our baristas what they're enjoying at the moment, and they'll be able to tell you why.

Our four coffees featured on our pour-over menu are constantly changing. Check in here to find out what we're currently offering.

Current Pour-Over Menu



Sourced locally from MEM Tea Imports.

Current Tea Menu


We feature two rotating hot chocolates made to order, and one cold chocolate milk.



Our toasts are made to order and of the freshest, most delicious combinations. All options come on two pieces of Bread Obsessions fresh bread.

Current Toast Menu

WIne And Beer

Our current rotating wine selection and top picks from local MA craft breweries.